All Dogs are ‘House’ Dogs; Some Owners Just Miss the Memo

So, in a surprise twist that—oh, wait—happens all the time, Dogs Deserve Better was once again painted as the bad guys in an Ohio neglect case yesterday.

Here’s the news story:

Since it appears the news station only called Dogs Deserve Better for a statement AFTER our office staff went home for the day (leaving a message just before 6 p.m.), I’ll be more than happy to create our rebuttal to the above story here in my blog.

1. Was it an animal rescue, or a “violent act of harassment?”

Neither. It was a stand against animal cruelty.

Image of the dog in distress
Image of the dog in distress
Dog looking for help under fence
Dog looking for help under fence

You see, while every one of you at your news station goes home to your WARM, happy, and healthy dogs sleeping on your couches, Joe Schmoe that you’ve just interviewed leaves his dogs outside for life.

Because, in his words, “They AREN’T HOUSE DOGS.”

But they are. HOUSE DOGS. Joe Schmoe is just too uncaring to know it.

Every dog is a house dog. Every dog wants to be a member of the family, and these two pit mixes you’re showing are no exception.

Pitbulls are some of the most chained dogs in America, yet they are short-coated dogs and don’t have the fur to endure the cold; they are among the first to freeze to death at the end of a chain.

2. Police are ‘concerned’ about an ‘out of state’ rescue group’s methods.

What would these heinous METHODS be, you might ask? Putting up photos of a dog in distress on social media and having people call the authorities and the news stations about it?

It’s called FREE SPEECH. Social action. Dog advocacy. Nothing sinister about it, although it sure is being purported as such.

3. Police say the viral response to our Facebook post ‘could have put lives in danger.’

Weren’t lives already in danger? The dogs who are forced to live outside in sub freezing temperatures on nights with wind chills as low as -7 are in danger of death every single day of the winter months. By people taking a stand against this treatment of our best friends, we are acting to SAVE LIVES.

4. Even ‘we’ (the news station) felt the repercussions.

So the news station and the police station get bombarded with phone calls asking for help for the dog? I would call that a success. Thanks to everyone who stood up for the dog and made a difference. We do have a voice, and we can and should continue to use our voices until laws and lawmakers and those tasked with upholding the laws understand that living beings have the right to live free of the danger of death at the end of  chain.

5. People came around his house and made threats and brandished pistols.

[I watch a lot of Judge Judy because my hubby likes her. She would say if someone DID brandish a weapon, wouldn’t that be the first thing you talk about instead of bringing it up at the end as an afterthought? I know I’d be blubbering on and on about that if it were me.]

Dogs Deserve Better asks for phone calls to police and local news on dog cases like this. We NEVER advocate violence. Anyone who becomes violent as a result of something they read online is standing on their own, and not as part of any group.

I can tell you that dog-loving Americans are getting fed up with the animal abuse and neglect. If they are acting out, I would suggest that lawmakers stop dragging their feet and get to making and enforcing better laws for Man’s Best Friend.

IF THIS REALLY HAPPENED, and I have no idea if it did or not, then it probably won’t be the first or last time.

However, neither I nor DDB are responsible for one person’s reaction to the abuse they are seeing. We simply point it out; we don’t advocate or condone violence in reaction to it. We ask for phone calls to flood the police and the media.

6. Blames it on his neighbor.

Our apologies and condolences go out to this neighbor. Do you know how much abuse she had to witness in order to decide to stand and ask for help for the dog? Can you understand for one second the fear she had to face just by going public with what she was seeing?

Can you bet that she might be harassed now that she outed the abuse she saw?  I wrote a blog already about the suffering of the neighbors who have the watch the abuse. It’s horrible, and once again, SHE is the one belittled right along with Dogs Deserve Better.

7. Dog warden found ‘nothing wrong.’

Color me shocked! Not. Dog wardens, animal control officers, police, seldom find ‘anything wrong’ unless the dog’s already dead. At that point they MIGHT start to think something is wrong, but you can bet in most cases there won’t even be charges filed.

News reporter—Shelby is it—do you have two eyes? Do you have a dog? Because anyone who DOES have two eyes can see that there’s definitely something wrong.

8. They are well cared for, but not HOUSE DOGS.

Joe Schmoe states the dogs were well cared for, but NOT house dogs. Then they were NOT well cared for, or they WOULD be house dogs. ‘Outside dogs’ and ‘cared for’ do not go together. Oddly, the news station continually showed photos of the dog inside, but then they admit the dogs live outside and proudly show the doghouses.

Doghouses are not something to be proud of.



Just give me a call at our office when you’re ready for our challenge. 757-357-9292.

9. She had a skin allergy, which is why she was red and patchy. I have ointment for it.

Did the news station ask to see the vet bill for the medicine? Any vet instructions for the skin allergy? Or, as usual, did they just believe whatever they were told.

I’ve never had a vet prescribe ointment for any of the dogs we’ve rescued with skin allergies. They had special baths, antibiotics, antifungals, and a myriad of other medicines by mouth considering what kind of skin condition the vet thought they had, but I have never been prescribed an ointment.

Do you know why? BECAUSE THEY LICK IT OFF.

So I won’t believe he had ointment for his dog’s skin allergy without seeing a vet bill and prescription for it.

10. He has doghouses with bedding, food and water, and even heat lamps.

Um, wow? Besides the obvious, that NO DOG DESERVES TO LIVE OUTSIDE and instead deserves to have a cushy bed INSIDE the home, I really didn’t see more than a few twigs of straw in the houses, and I didn’t see any food and water either.

And the heat lamp? Appeared to be on a crate INSIDE the home. What’s up with that.

11. Police chief says “because of all the phone calls and e-mails he couldn’t have responded to ‘something serious.'”

Come on! That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Not only could he have certainly responded to ‘something serious’ but this comment in and of itself is exactly the problem.

Dogs are considered unimportant in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of law enforcement. If they HAD taken the problem seriously, the phone calls would have immediately stopped and the dog would have been safely inside and warm, and perhaps on her way to the vet.

12. Check the facts before posting on social media.

Hmmm. Ok, let’s check the facts. Yep, looks like we had our facts straight. Dog outside? Check. Dog has skin condition and low body fur to survive chained in the winter cold? Check and check.

13. Gave Samantha to a rescue group.

Well, then? I guess all’s well that ends well. I’d call that was a good day for Samantha.

Looks like you’re on your way to a new and better life, girl. Have a great one! Run, play, snuggle, do all those things that normal dogs get to do and you were deprived of. You sure deserve your happy ending.

Samantha on her way to a rescue group
Samantha on her way to a rescue group

14. Big FAIL for the OHIO POLICE and the TV STATION.

While your dogs sit inside cushy and warm, you condone and defend those who allow their dogs to suffer and die in the winter cold. You send a message that this behavior is acceptable and perpetuate the real crime against all of doghood: that chaining a dog outside for life is status quo when in fact it isn’t and it never will be.

We will not stop doing what is right and standing for the abused. We suggest that you use the two eyes you have to see the neglect right in front of you and do something about it, rather than defending the abuser.

P.S. To Anyone who may or may not have acted out with violence

Seriously. If anyone DID hold a gun on this guy or his family? That’s effed up. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that.

Pip Pip.

You only give the dog owners who mistreat their pets ammo to paint themselves as the victims. Don’t do it.

Yesterday the real victim—the dog—got to safety and will get to know a loving, inside home and family. That’s what’s important.

Thank you so much to the Underdog Society-Knox County Dog Rescue who stepped up to rescue Samantha. If you’d like help with her vet bills, please fill out the form for our Hero Fund grant at this link, and we’ll be happy to help her on to a new and happier life:

24 thoughts on “All Dogs are ‘House’ Dogs; Some Owners Just Miss the Memo”

  1. The cops are there to serve and protect, They surely were not protecting Sammi, they listened to her owner, thank god turned Sammi over. I know that my dogs are loved and taken care of, and there would be no reason for me to turn them over. They are family. So the police department should watch these people if they have kids, are they fed and kept warm and treated the way they should be. Probably not.


  2. There is so much animal abuse; I can’t stand it! A dog is on this earth to love & be loved back; to have a normal life inside; with a fenced in back yard and/or walk daily. Dogs just give & give Look at the misery on their faces when chained to a dog house…pathetic…no life, no fun, no affection & many are not even fed twice day. Why don’t people understand this & why bother having a dog……


  3. I sent an email shortly after the gun incident. I live in the neighborhood and the streets were closed. Robin Budin got my email if she didn’t share that news with you – then you should reprimand her.

    I have screen shots where your group posted the address of the man involved.

    Your group is responsible for what it puts out on the world. Not one of you apologized for working people up for four days – when you should have been calling for peace and patience.

    I emailed the police chief on this matter and he shared with me that no one contacted him or offered cooperation, rather they just took matter into their own hands.

    I was mocked and bullied by members of your group – and I didn’t appreciate it, not in the least.

    I applaud and commend you for rescuing animals, but I am disappointed with your tactics.


    1. We do not apologize for an instant for putting the address of a suffering dog out into the world. Just as, if what you wrote right here inflamed someone enough that they decided to go pick up a gun and threaten someone, would that be your fault, or are they responsible for their own actions? I certainly think they are responsible. This dog has been suffering for two years we are told. That’s two years of peace and patience on the part of all who had to witness the suffering on a daily basis. How long should she have waited for ANY HELP TO COME HER WAY? IF WE COULD SIMPLY PICK UP THE PHONE AND HELP A DOG IN NEED, THAT’S WHAT WE WOULD DO. But unfortunately, in this world, simply asking nicely to stop abusing animals doesn’t work. We have to use the power of the people and public pressure to get it done. And for that we don’t apologize.


      1. But the dog wasn’t abused – the animal showed no sign of abuse. Leaving an animal out in the cold for one day – doesn’t constant abuse. Poor judgement – perhaps. But you’re twisting the facts to suit you argument.

        I’m not going to try and change your mind – it’s apparent and clear – you have an absolute view of things.


  4. I agree 99.9%. But I am in law enforcement family and IF, IF, IF, you have limited staff or forces on duty the issues pertaining to humans must come 1st. Law enforcement in the majority, are dog lovers. I am I have 6 furbabies. I love them like they are my children cuz they are. But if I had to choose to save a human or an animal from falling off a cliff, I’d want to save the dog zBut I would save the human. That’s our job and that’s morally, biblically correct AND ALL the cops you’ve seen hurting or killing dogs, well give me 5 minutes alone with. Them. Basing your opinion of LEOS on those pieces of crap is not fair. Thank you so much for all u do. It is sooooooo important. And of course my babies go in and out as they choose except I don’t let the beagles out at night cuz they can climb thanx again and God bless u and the awesome work u do.


  5. America we in the UK are discusted by your thoughtlessness and complete lack of compassion for all those freezing cold broken spirits and tortured souls, neglected by their thoughtless irrisponsible owners who you allow to chain their poor unfortunate dogs up outside in all weather’s… like frkn bikes!!!
    Every dog needs warmth…Did it never occur to you that if they were unchained they would seek shelter from the cold..had you never thought that f they were unchained they would naturally group up together to keep warm…is it not common sense that if they were unchained they would have a choice in the matter….These dogs have not evolved like a wild wolf to be able to sustain freezing temperatures…is it not bad enough that they are chained against their will in the first place and by allowing your people to do this you are the cause of extreme suffering. My own staffy dogs HATE the cold.. they shiver and will do anything to get to the warmth of the allowing your people to deny their dogs the right to seek warm shelter and by not giving them a second thought you must be completely and utterly heartless. If I were living in America I would break this stupid draconian Law and break those miserable dogs free from their chains….you should be ashamed of yourselves…My ancestors abolished black slavery …freeing the people from chains…I want to see America free those poor innocent dogs from their chains…. Debbie Channing Broadstairs Kent England

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please know, while I appreciate the care you give your pups, please do not lump all Americans as being thoughtless and cruel to our pups. Not only do groups such as this, work to protect animal rights here in America, several groups extend their hard work to other countries. Countries that breed dogs, just to be served for dinner that night. Countries where homeless dogs are kicked and beaten for pleasure. Countries, such as yours, that allow veterinarians to clip a dogs vocal chords, so it can no longer bark….a VERY natural instinct. Please do not throw stones at us, until every dog in your country is not in a shelter and in a safe, loving homes. By the way, we have always had rescue pups and donate on a monthly basis to three organizations that fight for animal rights and rescue.
      Newport News, VA


      1. It’s interesting that you think we lump ALL Americans into this because we fight for the abused and chained dogs? Can’t help but wonder where you can possibly get that idea. If that were the case, we’d have no one to adopt our rescued dogs out to now, would we.


  6. Thank God that poor baby was rescued and DDB stepped in. Thank you for all you do, keep posting abuse and neglect and make the world aware of how our beloved babies are being treated by some less than human individuals. If you dont want to love a dog, dont get one they are not your lawn ornament or born to protect your junk!!! Bring them inside, they are family, stop fighting, abusing, neglecting them, they want love and attention and are better than alot of people we call humans.Keep up the good work, the wold world has eyes,use them and stop turning your heads, speak up for our babies,the most vunerable and be proud you did!!!


  7. Tamira Thayne, you’re sick in the head, seriously. Delusional and narcissistic. I think you need therapy for your issues.


    1. Well, at least you can spell narcissistic right. That’s a step in the right direction. Maybe next you can spell Lizard right. And given that you’re the one with a King in your title, you might just have four fingers pointed back at you. But thanks for your incredibly helpful comments to the discussion. I did so enjoy them.


  8. Thank you :’) This made my day. This is my home town and there were so many that helped push this through.I know the owner and Samantha.He is, for the lack of better words, a piece of work. She is one of the sweetest dogs.She has lived under the porch for at least two years. I cried tears of complete joy the very moment I found someone was taking her. The gratitude that I have for the two women that got Samantha out of there is extremely heart felt. I wish there were more people in the world like them.


  9. channel 10 really dropped the ball on this one. Perhaps if the Police Dept & the news media actually did their job, they wouldn’t feel the heat & displeasure from the public. DDB keep doing what you’re doing & shining a big bright light on the abuse & abandonment of animals. It has to stop.


  10. I followed this from beginning to end, I saw the newscast as it aired and Channel 10, failed miserably. The report was pro owner, pro officers. My question is, weren’t there 2 dogs? Well Done rescue, happy life Sammie!


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