Prejudiced Against Those who Use Positions of Power to Keep Others in Chains

The internet is in turmoil this week after the shooting death by police of Michael Brown, a young black man in Ferguson, Missouri, and the resultant protests and marches have led to clashes between police and protestors.

This article posts photos of the the protests today versus the protests of the 60’s—and they’re right— things are eerily similar.|netscape|dl1|sec3_lnk4%26pLid%3D516335

It’s got us all questioning how far we’ve come as a society and just how far the reach of white male privilege in America extends.

My guess is pretty darn far.

I happen to be a white woman who is married to a white man—and I know many a wonderful man who just happens to be white—so one could not say I’m prejudiced against white men.

What I am prejudiced against is those who hold positions of power and use those positions of power to keep others in chains, whether those chains be literal or figurative.

I am not ignorant to the attitudes I’ve seen as an dog activist toward women and dogs from white males in positions of power such as police, DAs, and animal control officers, so it’s not difficult to extrapolate that these prejudices run rampant across the board toward anything these males see as ‘beneath them.’

This would include all members of minorities plus women and definitely animals; even dogs, who— compared to other animals—would largely be considered the most privileged of pets.

Dogs who live in these conditions are not given ANY protection by law in most areas of the country. Still today.
Dogs who live in these conditions are not given ANY protection by law in most areas of the country. Still today.

As I discussed in a previous blog, rights for dogs haven’t moved an inch in the last 42 years since my own family chained our beagle Maggie.

Why not?

What kind of humans keep ANYTHING living in the conditions you see above, and defend their rights to do so against all comers?

In my own dog activist dealings with authorities and people in positions of power, I’ve watched officers blatantly lie on the witness stand, been set up to take the fall by a male humane officer, and had my opinions and evidence ignored and discounted.

In the Bellwood case I’ve been fighting this week, Bellwood police have sided with a white male who is a convicted CHILD MOLESTER instead of the woman, Bellwood citizens, and caring people who called in from across the country, even though they 100% KNOW that I did not trespass.

What. The. Hell.

See photo below for where the dog was compared to the street. Obviously it would be next to impossible to trespass, and I had no need to do so.

One pic of the dog showing how close he/she was to the road.
One pic of the dog showing how close he/she was to the road. Impossible to trespass!

They never asked me for my side of the story, and police were not present during the five minute episode.

But that matters not to them. Is it because they are members of the white male privilege, the town is run by members of white male privilege like Herb, and the man who keeps his poor dog in filth and a short tether is a white male?

I would hate to think so, but I have yet to come up with a better theory.

It appears that once again the little woman has gotten all uppity and annoyed them by getting them lots of phone calls about the dog.

Tsk. Tsk. For shame, Tami.

I spent three days in Bellwood with no results for my efforts, so I came back to Virginia and got back to work on behalf of chained dogs. I still refuse to pay the fines for false charges, so if they put out a warrant for me as a result, I will again go up and protest in front of the police station.

If I had trespassed, I would consider it worth the price of advocating for the dog and I WOULD IMMEDIATELY JUST PAY IT. But I will not pay for something I didn’t do and they know damn well I didn’t do it.

If I ‘argued’ and was therefore ‘disorderly in my conduct’, it was in defense of both myself and the dog while under attack by neighbors across the street who said the dog was fine chained out there. She wasn’t and isn’t.

I was the one who left in fear of being physically assaulted by the white male, not the other way around. I would pay this fine as well IF ALL FOUR PEOPLE WHO ARGUED WERE CHARGED, INSTEAD OF JUST ME. Yet again, police were not there and an argument is simply that: an argument. I’ve never heard of anyone being charged for arguing before, and maintain that it’s a ludicrous and trumped up charge that only makes the police look bad.

To read more about this case, visit our webpage and previous blog posts.

Sign the petition here, which will go to the Bellwood Mayor, the Bellwood police, AND PA state reps for Bellwood, Rep Stern and Senator Eichelberger.

When, I wonder, will America evolve to the point of just and fair treatment for all? Probably not in my lifetime. But maybe I’m jaded.


6 thoughts on “Prejudiced Against Those who Use Positions of Power to Keep Others in Chains”

  1. I don’t think it’s about Race, I think it’s about power and idiocy. I’m in a similar position but never got arrested. I’ve seen humane agents lie and no one wants to act according to the laws already on the books and remove dogs just like this one. You are right, it seems to be across the country but like I said, it’s about stubborn PRIDE and utter idiocy in my opinion. And even if the laws were to be changed again and again I don’t think it’s going to matter because the laws already written give those in authority to ACT. I think it also has to do with corrupt prosecutors and judges as well. THIS IS why we need to start paying more attention to who we as a country ELECT in ALL positions everywhere. I know how utterly humiliating it is to come up against obvious cases of obvious abuse and neglect and to be treated as a piece of trash for opening your mouth. I have to continue to watch as my neighbor’s dogs are left out to suffer 24/7 just like this dog you pictured, and not a SOUL cares.. Not a soul.


    1. Well, I believe in general it’s more about whatever and whoever is in power. For example, in Surry County, even thought the population is half white and half black, most of the positions of power are held by black males, and I see prejudice against whites there. In general, however, this country is run by white males and that’s why we see so many cashing in on white male privilege and abusing their positions.


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